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A couple of seasons ago, a friend gave me a cutting she’d rooted from an oak-leaf hydrangea. I nurtured it over the winter in its pot and in the spring, planted it in a bed in our front yard just across from the front door. I was so proud of it. Here is how it looked on May 23, 2008:


On May 26th, I went out in the morning to admire it, and not an hour later it looked like this:

What the? I have no idea what could have happened to break off the top of the plant, unless there were squirrels chasing each other around and knocked into it. I was devastated.

Over the summer it started to come back and then one day John admitted that there was an “incident” while mowing the lawn and the hydrangea lost another of its appendages. Good grief!

It died back over the winter and I was excited to see evidence of spring awakening over the past month or so. However:

Something’s been eating it. And that something looks like this:

Oh yeah, they’re cute (in a cage) but not in my garden. This guy (girl?) has also been responsible for the devastation inflicted on the “Kaspar” hydrangea planted in the back yard. I dug it up and it’s now in a pot in the “hospital” where it seems to be recovering nicely.

To add insult to injury, this is what the oak-leaf looked like when I got home from work on Friday:
The top, with new growth, was hanging limply. Can you believe this? I’ve never seen such a soap opera in my garden before.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Take that, Mr. Bunny.

I hope to be able to keep this plant safe until it has enough growth to survive these curses on its own.


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It’s Race Weekend here in Richmond and the UPS show car came to visit The Martin Agency.


This is the closest I’ve come to a real race car (is a show car “real?”). Have you ever seen inside one?



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