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Week in Review-part 4

One of the downsides of being empty-nesters whose children live out of state is that Mother’s and Father’s Day are rather lonely. I just didn’t feel like doing anything special last month so it was just another day for us. But yesterday, we decided to take a drive in the new car and put 200 miles on it exploring Virginia’s Northern Neck.

irvington virginia - Google Maps

We drove through West Point, over to Urbanna and Irvington, through Warsaw and Tappahannock and back home.

Vacationing at the “Rivah” is very popular for Richmonders and I’ve been wanting to see what the attraction is. The Rappahannock River separates the Northern Neck from the Middle Peninsula, so boating and fishing are the recreations of choice up there. We get a magazine every once in a while showcasing really high-end real estate in this area and boy are those homes gorgeous.

Here are some pictures from our really beautiful Father’s Day joyride. The Tides Inn has beautiful grounds:

The Hope and Glory Inn looks very quaint. One of my co-workers spent her honeymoon here.

We didn’t go in but only stopped to take a picture of this winery and its unique artwork. [UPDATE: I have since learned that this winery is owned by a former Martin Agency employee.]

From there we drove through cornfields on our way back home.

But of course, we had to stop for dinner:
Mmmm, Famous Dave’s barbecue!


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Week in Review-part 3

I don’t know what it is about this spring that is attracting destructive wildlife to my garden.

This is a hosta with bite marks in it. We have been planting all our hostas in “vole cages” on the advice of a nurseryman, but this year for the first time the creatures are attacking the plants from above as well as below-ground. See that vole hole? We decided it’s time to fight fire with fire, so we got some mousetraps, baited one with peanut butter and put it under a shoebox, covering this hole.


The next morning I went out to see if we got one and was shocked to find the trap missing. The shoebox had not moved and the trap was too big to drag into that hole. I looked all around the area and never did find it. I had visions of some creature running around with a trap hanging from its tongue.

We set another trap last night and this morning it was still in place under the box. When I got home tonight, the trap was no longer under the box, but I did find it a few feet away, sprung and baitless.

I’ve lost a rose, daylily and favorite hosta to voles this year. I didn’t know they ate roses or daylilies as I’ve never had a problem up to now. I guess I’m going to have to plant everything in cages, grrr.


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Week in Review-part 2

in line at the apple store

Friday after work John and I went to the Apple store to buy new iPhones. What else can you do when standing in line for over an hour? Take your own picture LOL.

Since John reserved his phone ahead of time, he got to bring one home. I didn’t have a reservation and they had run out of the model I wanted. So I went home empty-handed.

However, they got some more Saturday morning so we ran right over there and I got one too.

Between the phones and the new car, we’ve really done our part to help the economy this week.


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Week in Review-part 1

It’s been a busy week here at Casa de Kaspar.

On Monday, my cousins arrived from California for a short visit. They had a horrible travel experience as their flight from Philadelphia to Richmond was cancelled in the morning (they were to arrive here at 9am) and they weren’t able to get another flight out until 4pm.


They got here around dinnertime, just a few minutes before we had to leave to pick up the new quiltmobile:


Tuesday, the cousins visited Monticello and Wednesday, Colonial Williamsburg. It is a small world, you know? Deanne’s childhood friend from Downey, California lives less than 5 miles from us. We met Robbie at Gelati Celesti Tuesday night for ice cream.

We said goodbye to them on Thursday morning as they headed to Washington DC for the next leg of their trip. Last I heard, they were enjoying it so much, they decided to extend their stay a few days. They should be in Connecticut today to drop off Allison for her 6 week internship at a school for the deaf, and then they’ll be home tomorrow. We enjoyed their visit, they’re a very nice family.


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Ahhhh capella

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen/heard all week. Perpetuum Jazzile.


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