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I can breathe again

Yesterday we had a few layoffs in my department. We’ve been expecting this for weeks (months) because, like all advertising agencies I’m sure, we’ve been hit by the economy. But it’s been stressful not knowing when the axe would fall or who it would fall on. I’ve been holding my breath. But now I can let it out.

Can’t say the same for my friend Sue (I told you about her trip to Panama and the molas here). She worked there 15 years, I think. She’s also my parking buddy, so I had to let her out when she was ready to go home. She sure is a class act. I followed her around as she said her goodbyes and made our way to the parking garage. She was upbeat and joking with people and only once did I see her dab at her eyes. The rest of us were in tears, especially those of us who’ve known her for so long.

I expect she will land on her feet. She’s smart, I think all these years she’s been taking advantage of a company benefit of paying for college classes and one by one, she’s been working on finishing her degree in Spanish. She’s almost done, I think she has only one or two more classes to go before graduating. She’s fluent and I know there’s a big need for bilingual people in this market, if not in advertising, elsewhere. Richmond has an Hispanic population like just about everywhere.

Goodbye and God bless, we’ll miss you and your hearty laugh and New York accent.


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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

This week my parents celebrate 58 years. Woohoo!

bob and marie wedding 1951-500-75


We’ll be going back to California to visit soon, can’t wait! It’s been 4 years since we’ve been back there, 2 years since they were here for Erin’s wedding.

Love you guys! Wishing you many more.


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