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John and I are on another staycation this week. Hardly relaxing, our weeks off are usually spent doing hard labor on projects around the house that we just can’t do on a weekend.

Yesterday we worked for 8 hours trimming the hedges, giving our front azaleas a much-needed pruning and of course, the cleanup. Thankfully, the weather was pretty nice, it wasn’t too hot, although it was humid. But when is it not around here? I also took out a shrub that has looked much better in previous years, this year half of it died. There is a dogwood seedling that is growing practically underneath it, and we like dogwoods better. So the shrub had to go to give the dogwood room to breathe and grow into a tree.

Another project on my bucket list (but one that’s going to have to wait until the trash cans are emptied), is to hard prune the forsythias in the back. Several years ago, I bought two forsythia twigs (literally, each one was a twig with roots in a pot) from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s annual plant sale for $1 each.  I planted one under the cherry tree and because it doesn’t get much light, it’s smaller than the other one and has fewer blooms. The other one is pretty much in full sun and is just loving its location. It’s huge! I’ve never pruned it and it’s blocking the gate, not that we use that gate much, but still. I just want to cut it waaaay back this year.

While John was working on the hedges, he found this:

robin's nest

How sad. There were two eggs in it, but one was cracked and smelled putrid. I imagine that this nest was abandoned for some reason. We marveled at how tightly woven it is. Nature is amazing, isn’t it?

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Happy Birthday!

birthday candles

A big Happy Birthday to my sweetie of 32 years!


And he’s still the cutie that I married.

Love you, hope you have a great day. (I know, it’s a workday)


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Weekend Wrap-up

I should have posted this a couple of days ago, when it was still relevant, but I was so busy at work yesterday and I had a vendor lunch so there was no time to do it then.

To start with, we had a bit of excitement in the neighborhood early Saturday (middle-of-the night). John and I heard fireworks/firecrackers before we went to bed Friday night which I thought was a little early in the season. Fireworks are illegal in Henrico County, but since they are easy to buy, there’s usually someone setting them off in the week before July 4th. During the night we were briefly awakened by two separate “pops” or “bangs” but heard nothing else (and the dog didn’t even wake up) so we went back to sleep.

I got up about 6 and went out to get the newspaper. I thought the mailbox looked kind of funny:
mailbox vandalismmailbox vandalism
(please no cracks about the dirt, it was a mistake to buy a white mailbox because I’m not spending any time and effort to keep it clean)

And then I looked inside:
mailbox vandalism

And then I looked down and around:
mailbox vandalismmailbox vandalism
Oh yeah, “they” blew up the mailbox with fireworks and left some firecrackers behind. Since it only blew the door open, I imagine they were disappointed. But they did me a favor because we replaced it with one that’s black plastic. I called the police and filed a report, not that I thought the perps would be apprehended, but because we figured that the second “bang” we heard in the night was someone else’s mailbox befalling the same fate. We drove around a few streets in the neighborhood and did see evidence of other mailbox vandalism so the kids were busy Friday night. I work with a neighbor who lives a couple of streets over and he made it sound like there’s always something going on in our subdivision. I don’t ever hear of anything and I prefer it that way. I feel safe with my head-in-the-sand attitude.

We had a big project planned for Saturday (actually it was planned for last weekend but we just didn’t have enough time). About mid-April every year when we pass our “last-frost” date, we go to the garden center and buy the annuals that we put out on the deck, plus set up our pond-in-a-pot. But we had to delay that rite-of-Spring because our deck hadn’t been cleaned in more years than we should admit. We couldn’t do anything until John finally got to use the power washer I gave him for Christmas:
deck washing

He wanted some before pictures, so I obliged him:

deck washingdeck washingdeck washingdeck washingdeck washing

We had a lot of algae this year, maybe due to all the snow we got over the winter, but it sure made for slippery footing when wet.

He did a great job
beautiful deck, all decoratedbeautiful deck, all decorated

My mother gave us some money to put toward a tree in memory of John’s brother, so we bought this Japanese maple. I’ve always wanted one and we don’t really have anywhere in our yard to plant one (or any other kind for that matter).
Red Dragon Laceleaf Japanese Maple

The rest of the weekend was spent at our end-of-the-season church fellowship get-together Saturday night and the usual running around Sunday after church. John took me out for a wonderful steak dinner at Firebird’s for Mother’s Day and then back home to watch the season finale of Amazing Race. I was rooting for the Cowboys to win so was disappointed when they came in second. But I was very relieved that the Models didn’t win because they’ve been so annoying all season long and it’s “amazing” they made it to 3rd place.


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