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Our niece Amy had her baby boy this month and today I finally finished his quillow and got it in the mail to California.

quillow folded up

I thought I was going to enjoy making quillows because they go together so much faster than a fancier quilt. But after making 2 for myself (one was a size test to see if it would work well for babies, didn’t like it, gave it to the dog) and two for the new babies in the family, I’ve decided there are things about them that annoy me. One is working with large, 2-yard pieces of fabric and batting. I have to get down on the floor to get the layers pinned together. I do have enough open space in the studio, it’s just the crawling around that gets me. I have wall-to-wall carpeting in there; maybe it would be different on wood.

It’s hard for me to get the corners squared up. So what I ended up with was fairly straight by eyeball, but don’t take a ruler to them.

I learned from Jack’s quillow not to use directional/striped fabric. I didn’t have any problems figuring out which end was up, but the alphabet fabric was printed off-grain. I had to buy extra fabric and re-do the pocket after blocking it. The pocket part came out pretty good that time. The 2-yard piece was another story and I just left it alone. I just couldn’t keep throwing money at it.

I’m glad these two projects are done. Shame on me for dragging them out so long. I should have timed them so that all that was left to do when the babies were born was to make the labels. Sophia’s was a month late and Jack will be 3 weeks old when he gets his, probably on Tuesday. It’s not looking good for Anya’s at this point LOL.

Oh, I didn’t tell you? We’re having a granddaughter in less than a month now and her name will be Anya.


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Kernel panic!

If you live in the Mac world, this is something you don’t want to see on your computer screen:

kernel panic message

Sorry it’s blurry. When it first popped up on my laptop display, it scared the life out of me. I had just the week before had a new graphics/video card installed and was afraid this message was related to it. I had never seen it before and it just doesn’t look Apple-like to me for some reason. I was afraid I had some kind of virus on my computer. Macs aren’t terribly liable to get viruses (yet), but I wasn’t thinking rationally at that point.

I ran over to the Apple store the next day and had one of the Geniuses look at it. He determined it was a logic board problem and had to be sent to Houston for replacement. So I grudgingly handed my baby over to him.

So my computer was in the shop twice in two weeks. And AppleCare saved my butt ($1,700 total) in both cases. My coverage runs out in August when the laptop turns 3, so I am really thankful all this is happening now, if it had to happen. Any major problems that occur after that will probably result in me having to get a new laptop.


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My first pink rose of the season


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tulips at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden


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Computer woes and new babies

I really thought I had walked through some sort of force field or wrinkle in the space/time continuum on Wednesday.

First, my iPhone died in the late morning. It had been working just fine; I talked to my sister-in-law about the birth of her grandson the night before and traded a couple of text messages with various people. Nothing earth shattering or out of the ordinary. And then it just wouldn’t wake from sleep. Thinking the battery was dead (shouldn’t have been, it was on the charger all night) I plugged it into my computer and it didn’t show in the list of devices like it should have. Boy this thing was really dead.

And then when I got home from work and plugged in my laptop, I had no display. It sat here on my desk at the office all day and had been just fine. It had power, I could hear it doing things, just couldn’t see what it was doing. One really neat thing about Macs is that when you have them on a network, you can go to another machine and bring up “screen sharing” where you can see the other machine’s desktop and even do things on it, remotely. So I went to the iMac in the kitchen and looked at the laptop and everything looked normal.

John was able to get the iPhone to come back on using some kind of voodoo that I suppose I should have remembered, but didn’t think to try. He couldn’t, however, get the display on the laptop to do anything. By plugging it into one of our TVs, he guessed that my video/graphics card was shot when nothing displayed there, either.

We made an appointment with the genius bar over at the Apple store but couldn’t get in until the next night. So we ran the laptop over to the store anyway, to see if they could fit us in. Which they did. Turns out John was right, I had a bad video card. Thank goodness my AppleCare doesn’t expire until August, the new card won’t cost me anything (laptop is nearly 3 years old).

I had to leave it with them, oh how painful was that! He promised me it wouldn’t leave the store, but I had to sign a waiver that they wouldn’t be responsible for any lost data. That made me real uncomfortable, but the genius assured me it was only a formality, they are only going to swap out the card. I backup to the cloud (using BackBlaze) and to an external hard drive but still, I would probably have heart failure if I lost anything. It happened to me back in 2002 when I had no backup and I lost a lot of photos (like Brian’s high school graduation and Erin’s prom) and I couldn’t afford to send my computer to one of those recovery companies (back then the closest one was in Atlanta) and the cost was estimated at $800-$1,000 with no guarantee of recovery. So I reluctantly said goodbye to those memories and actually grieved over their loss. Lesson learned, multiple backups!

I’m not having a terrible case of withdrawal, because I can read my emails,  follow RSS feeds and check Facebook on my phone or here on my office computer. I just can’t upload any photos or work on my genealogy. Or install EQ7. Hopefully I’ll get it back tomorrow.

Oh and the iPhone? The genius tested the battery (which by the way you can’t do yourself) and said it was fine. What happened is that it froze. He looked me right in the eye and asked how often do I turn it off? Um, never? Wrong answer! He says you need to turn it off at least once a week to clear out the memory cache. News to me. I’ve had this thing for nearly a year and it’s never happened before. Oh well, now I know. And so do you.

I’m going to leave you with the first photos of the newest members of our family, Sophia, born in April, and Jack, born this week. They are first cousins.

Too much adorableness!

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Robin on glass sculpture at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden at sunset


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