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Day trip to Ruidoso

A little cabin fever was setting in, so in honor of Anya’s 1st week, we put the stroller in the car yesterday and took a 1/2 day trip up the mountain to Ruidoso, elevation nearly 7,000 feet (I believe the locals pronounce it Rid-oh-so).

Anya all packed up and ready to go:

Anya's first outing

The road to Ruidoso reminded us of US395 in California between Mojave and Mammoth Lakes. You drive for miles through the high desert landscape, occasionally passing through a small town and then finally start climbing. The terrain changes from scrub oak or mesquite to pines. Like Mammoth Lakes, Ruidoso is a ski resort. Like Mammoth, there is a main drag with shops and eateries. We went to Lucy’s for Mexican food for lunch. Yum! We have SO missed southwest-style Mexican food since we moved from L.A.

Ruidoso main drag

Ruidoso main drag

Ruidoso main drag

Somebody in town must be handy with chainsaw art, because these bears were all over the place:

chainsaw artchainsaw artchainsaw artchainsaw art

The coloring of these birds seemed to complement the adobe colored walls of this shop:

birds in nest

And there were hollyhocks growing in several places. They looked wild, as they weren’t planted in logical places, like flowerbeds.

pink hollyhockspink hollyhocksred hollyhocks

This shop had a prominent sign that said “No Photography!” but I figured that applied to stuff on the inside, so I snapped this shot on the outside and nobody yelled at me. There’s no mistaking this New Mexico look:

chili peppers

On our way out of town, my thoughtful son-in-law stopped here for me:

log cabin quilts

I was in there all of 30 seconds, though, because it’s not a fabric store, it’s a quilt shop. They sell quilts. Not of interest to me.

Between Alamogordo and Ruidoso, there are pistachio groves and gift shops that sell pistachio products. We stopped at one on the way up and would have bought some dark chocolate pistachio bark, but didn’t because we were afraid it would melt in the car. On the way back, we stopped at another place just long enough to snap this picture:

giant pistachio

John loves pistachios, so I put him in the shot to illustrate the scale of the thing.

As you can see, we had a storm up ahead. We could see the rain falling in the distance, but we got very little of it. We did get another beautiful rainbow, however.

walmart rainbowAlamogordo rainbow


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We’ve spent a lot of time in front of the television this week. More than we normally do. We discovered that the Travel Channel has some good shows (Man v. Food, Bert the Conqueror). We’ve pretty much had a Food Network day, HGTV day, and a couple of Travel Channel days. Yesterday we watched Twilight and maybe today we’ll watch New Moon. I’ve been trying to read the book I brought to break up some of the couch potato sessions.

Alamogordo gets the network broadcasts from Albuquerque. The local news seems even more boring than Richmond’s. Growing up in Los Angeles, we always had the “big city” broadcasts, and I suppose I have a prejudice that way. Small town newscasts crack me up. You’ve seen on this blog typos that our local NBC affiliate makes constantly and I just don’t understand why SOMEBODY can’t proofread their titles before they put them up. Or HIRE people who can spell and type correctly (as I get older, I’ve come to understand that spelling and typing accuracy are two different things. I am constantly mis-typing words that I can easily spell. So I have to watch myself carefully when sending emails, posting to online message boards, etc.)

On Fridays, the KOB-TV weatherman brings his dogs to work. Cracks me up.

Albuquerque weatherman brings his dogs to work


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Happy 4th of July!



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Trip to Alamogordo

What a long day we had yesterday! When we got the word Friday morning that Erin and Kevin were at the hospital, two and a half weeks early, we were caught off-guard. Yes, we were planning to wait until this moment to make our flight arrangements, but that’s easy to say until the moment actually arrives.

We had an 11:55am flight out of Reagan National on Saturday and it’s a two-hour-ish drive from our home, so we got up at 5, finished packing, hit the road at 7. You never know what the traffic up I-95 is going to be like, especially on a summer holiday weekend, so we wanted to make sure we were covered, time-wise. The traffic flowed smoothly, save for a very short slowdown around an accident and we reached the airport at 9. The long-term parking lot was full 😦 so we had to pull into the higher-priced daily lot. Oh well, what are you gonna do?

Our flight was delayed a little more than an hour, and that made us miss our connection in Dallas. We had no problem getting onto the next flight to El Paso (thank goodness) and we touched down there at 5pm local time.

el paso airport

This is a random shot from the baggage claim area. There were “Welcome Bowlers!” signs all around, so maybe the Pro Bowlers were coming to town for a tournament or something?

robert e. lee road, el paso

Robert E. Lee? This is El Paso, not Richmond.

to Alamogordo

It’s 80-some miles from the airport to the hospital in Alamogordo. As a friend said on Facebook, we were on a mission!

riding in the back of a truck

When was the last time you saw someone riding in the back of a pickup and on an interstate highway, no less? We used to see this back in L.A., but I can’t say I’ve ever seen it around Richmond.

El Paso scenery

We certainly weren’t in El Paso long, but our first impression with scenery like this is how pretty it is.

We ran into a rain storm along the way, and this rainbow followed us for miles and miles and miles. It was incredible. Most of them are so fleeting, you’re lucky if you can get your camera out and get a shot of it.




The landscape coming into Alamogordo looks like this:

Alamogordo landscape

But this was our prize:

Erin and Anya

I don’t have the words to describe this. My baby with her baby. Wow.


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Anya’s here!

Our granddaughter made her debut 2.5 weeks early. She was born Friday, July 2nd in Alamogordo, New Mexico.


Her given name is Anastasia, but she’ll be called Anya. Vitals: 6 lbs, 3 oz, 18 inches.

Anya and her Nannie

Anya and her Papa

Proud grandparents!


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Yappy dog

I was testing out an old scanner and this was still on the glass from the last time I tested it. This time it was a success!

I love my yappy dog (but I’m not too crazy about the yappy part).


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