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I wanted to show you a closeup of this little pouch that I bought from the H mông Pa Ndau Needlework booth. The designs are exquisite. They use a combination of reverse applique and embroidery. I watched the lady as she worked and she said she was making the “knots.” I asked if they were French knots and she said no, they were running stitches. So I think what they are are just little nips into the fabric made to look like dots.

If you’d like more information on this technique, there is a nice article at:


And of course, there’s the vendor’s website:



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Quilt ≠ Bedspread part 2

I liked the uneven edge of this piece. I think I could make something like this.

Pat Holly never disappoints.

Mickey Depre is another nationally-known teacher and her quilts usually have a whimsical look.

Quilters don’t shy away from social issues.

One exhibit seemed to be a big advertisement for a book called “Piecing with Pixels.” Apparently the gist of the book is to take a photograph into Photoshop Elements and apply different effects to it and then print it on fabric and make a quilt.

I think the end results are pretty neat. I may just have to get this book.

I think these dolls are nice but I can’t see myself ever making one.

This was a fun quilt. Each of the squares shows the different people occupying the same diner booth during a typical day. It was very well done.

The caption on this one says “You don’t look anything like your picture on lovemate.com”

My mother was a Redhat once upon a time. Does anyone still do that?

And last, but not least, the shopping. I was very good and didn’t buy any impulse items, these purchases were planned. I bought 3 spools of Masterpiece thread from Superior Threads, a can of 505 adhesive spray because I can’t find it locally, a few fat quarters from the clearance bin to go with some indigos I already have and a small zippered pouch from the Hmong booth. I’m glad she was there again this year. I regretted not buying something from her last time and it was so hard to choose, they were all so beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of the show.

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Quilt ≠ Bedspread

Yesterday I took the day off and drove down in a driving rain to Hampton Roads and the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. It’s always a source of inspiration and frustration at the same time. Frustration at seeing techniques/subject matter I wish I had thought of or had the creative ability to pull off.

This year I wanted to concentrate on capturing (on film, so to speak) artistic/innovative/non-traditional pieces. I was not disappointed.

I also ran into some quilty friends, Vicki W. from Field Trips in Fiber, Lynne S. and Karen D. from our old Electric Quilt class at Quilting Adventures, and Margaret G. from work.

First off, there was an exhibit from the Colonial Piecemakers guild in Williamsburg and I saw a couple of familiar names:

Catherine is quite creative and seems to have an endless supply of unique ideas.

Shirley is a very prolific quilter and picture-taker. I don’t think she was able to attend this year, otherwise I’m sure she’d give you a better tour of the show on her blog than I’m about to give you here.  Margaret G. is also a member of Colonial Piecemakers but I didn’t see anything of hers displayed in the exhibit. I’ll have to ask her the next time I see her at the office.

Here are just some of the pieces on display. In some cases, I wish I had some way to show you the scale on these. Click on the photos to see them a little larger.

I thought Esterita’s was funny. I don’t know if you can see it but this couple is dining at a restaurant, with their cell phones on the table. The man is taking a digital photo of something and the woman is freshening her lipstick. This is much like what my husband and I do (except for the lipstick part).

I loved the colors in this one.

I’m interested in photos on fabric (as you’ll see in a bit). I also like the idea of dimensional elements on quilts.

I was not familiar with the name Barbara Barrick McKie, but I will certainly follow her from now on. She had a whole exhibit by herself. She is well-traveled, as you can see by the descriptions of the pieces, and combines photo applique with threadwork to make the most stunning artwork.

I don’t know if you can read the description, but the next one is by Susan Shie of Wooster, Ohio and is entitled “Garden of Haiti.” The writing all over the piece is about racism, Haiti’s long history with it and how it has prevented Haiti from quickly recovering from the earthquake.

This next one is just so darn cute and innovative:

To be continued. I have so many more photos to share with you, but posting them one at a time in this blog is excruciating. I’m going to have to figure out if it’s easier/faster to post them to Flickr first and then link to them here.

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Today my friend Candace asked me if I would shoot a portrait of her daughter down at Richmond Ballet. Anna has an audition at SUNY Purchase on Saturday and they need an 8×10 showing her arabesque technique. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, but the whole thing made me nervous as 1) I’d never been there so I didn’t know what the rooms/lighting would be like; 2) I’m not yet comfortable with the little bit of lighting equipment I’ve amassed (hahaha) and because of #1, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to overcome any poor conditions I might encounter.

As it turned out, the room had a lot of windows and was large and pretty sunny (We did this about 4pm. Had it been after dark, I might have been in trouble). I used my 50mm f/1.4 lens and didn’t need my flash. Anna and her mother were happy and I sent the shot plus an alternate to them. Printing the picture is their responsibility 🙂

50mm 1/30th sec at f/8 200ISO

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It’s February 14th.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetie. We’ve been together 34 years.

And Happy Birthday to my Mom! She’s 82 today.

I love you both! Muah!

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