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Design Wall Monday 8.27.12

The blue and beige Chinese Coin quilt has a new border this week. I couldn’t find any more of the blue yardage in the Stitchers group’s stash but I had plenty of coins left over, so I pieced them together to make a border. This must be an odd shade of blue because I couldn’t find anything in the blue tub that I thought played nicely with it. It needs another border, so I may just take it to Joann’s and see what I can find there. (Note to self: check your own stash first.)

“What Was I Thinking?” has been trimmed and is ready for binding. As you might notice, my solution to the out-of-squareness problem was to trim the batting and backing square and I’m going to put on a 5/8″ black binding. I’ve determined that I need 4-1/4″ strips (thanks, Margaret, for help with that). My quilter’s calculator says I only need 3, but I wanted to cut 4 for insurance. I should have been able to get 4 strips out of the 1/2 yard of fabric I purchased, but it was so off-grain I only got 3. Because I’m like that, I’ll make another run to the quilt shop and buy a little more.


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Nasty Surprise

In my neighborhood, the utilities are buried. No unsightly power lines which can ice over in a winter storm or fall to the ground when a tree or large limb lands on it during a wind storm.

Whenever anyone plans to do any digging (and this applies to utility workers, landscapers and even home gardeners), you’re supposed to dial 811 a week or so in advance so that “Miss Utility” (who named that?) can come out and spray paint all over the streets, your grass, your beautiful flowers, whatever is in the way of where the cables and power lines are buried. That’s what happened to us, someone had called Miss Utility and we found marks like the orange arrow above all over the place. We knew we didn’t call them but figured something was up. And it was. We had a note on the door on Tuesday saying the gas company was going to be doing some work in our yard.

We had a nasty surprise when we got home from work yesterday evening:

Our lawn was covered with straw and we were worried our irrigation system had been compromised (thankfully it wasn’t).

Our back gate was open and we saw this in the neighbor’s yard:

The utility boxes in our yards house cable and power lines, I’m not sure if there’s anything else. But as far as we know, there are no gas lines going back there.

We had no cable, internet or landline phone. Our cable (FIOS fiber optic) had been cut by these guys, even though the lines were clearly marked.

John talked to the neighbor who is home during the day and got the scoop: the power company had determined that there was some kind of problem leftover from a storm (a month ago?) between our house and the guy across the street. While they were trying to fix it, they somehow damaged our gas line and caused a leak which brought the fire department out. This all happened before we got home so we missed the excitement. The power company contractor was the one who cut our cable and they apparently didn’t realize it.

John got on the phone with Verizon last night and they can’t come out to fix it until Saturday! We were surprised that they don’t have emergency teams on call. Granted, this wasn’t Verizon’s fault, but neither was it ours. The contractor mentioned to the neighbor that they were going to get fined for damaging the gas line. Just wait until they hear about the cable!

So, I guess we’ll be “camping” at the house without TV or internet. I don’t care about the loss of the phone, the only calls we get are political and we don’t answer it if we don’t recognize the number. Thankfully I have a good book on my Kindle, we have electricity and air conditioning and we can watch DVDs and I can sew or take pictures. So plenty to do in the meantime, but it still is unnerving to be disconnected for so long. I’m writing this post at work.

What we’re going to miss is the Big Brother double eviction tonight, so no spoilers please!



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I spent yesterday afternoon with the Stitchers group and got the top for the baby quilt on the right finished.

The other Chinese Coin that was in last week’s photo hasn’t made any progress, I didn’t find any matching blue fabric for a border, so I might sew all the remaining coins together and see if I have enough. If not, I’ll go through the brown stash bins next month and see if I can find something nice.

On the left in this picture is a length of children’s fabric that I’m going to use like a panel. I’ll probably cut it down and add blocks to it.

Yesterday at Stitchers seemed to be panel day. Several of the ladies were customizing identical panels and the variety of ideas was very neat.

These ladies design their quilts on the fly, I can’t do that. I have to have a clear vision (or pattern) before I cut and sew anything together. That’s why I love Electric Quilt so much.

Happy Monday!


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Design Wall Monday 8.13.12

Yep, nothing’s changed on the wall. I was on vacation for a week and when I returned, I spent my weekday morning quilting hours working on the disaster quilt. I decided to rip out the bad SITD and do them over. They’re actually turning out much better now, so it may not be such a disaster after all. Fingers crossed.


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Canaries Quilt

I thought for sure I’d posted about finishing this UFO, but maybe not. I did post here and here¬†about the trials and tribulations of having the dye run after it was all finished. Oh, well even if it’s a repeat maybe it’ll be new for some of you.

I also call this my 10-year quilt. I made the top in 2001 and for whatever reason, never finished it until last year.

The pattern came from a magazine and was made up in these exact fabrics. I went to a Cyberbees retreat in North Carolina that year and we made a trip to Mary Jo’s Fabrics in Gaston, outside Charlotte. I was surprised to find these fabrics there, so I bought them. I think this is the only time I’ve made a quilt from a pattern and used the same fabrics.

Canaries, aka the 10-year quilt

I had Sara use a variegated thread for the quilting and kinda wished I hadn’t. It especially didn’t help the look of the quilt when I was washing, washing, washing, soaking, washing the daylights out of it to remove the excess dye. It was hard to tell when the dye was completely released.

Anyway, I did meet the goal of getting it done in 2011!

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