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Stitchers report

Sunday afternoon found me at Stitchers sewing group, and for once it wasn’t a nasty, rainy day. I brought my half-square triangles and pinwheels and worked on them and the other ladies worked on a myriad of projects:

“Sunday” Margaret quilted.

Ellen worked on binding.

The “other” Robin did some handwork for Margaret.

“British” Margaret worked on quilt layouts on the design walls.

Nancy shows off a top with blocks made from scraps. It’s much prettier in person than this picture would indicate.

Joyce and Susan (holding the baggy) deep in discussion.

This is a Christmas table runner that Margaret put together and quilted.

The closeup shows the exquisite embroidery. This was a piece that was donated and they didn’t know what to do with it. It was almost discarded! Margaret to the rescue!

British Margaret made these spider web blocks and Margaret put them together into a table runner.

A set of placemats Margaret made.

More of Margaret’s handiwork.

I got there late and didn’t get introduced to the lady who was making these blocks. Margaret helped her with the layout placement. More blocks from scraps.

And would you look at this? My Chinese coins were all finished and hadn’t been given away yet.


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I haven’t taken the pinwheels apart yet, but I didn’t sew the orange and red HSTs together. I’m still thinking these are too big (3″ HSTs, 6″ pinwheels), so I bought some 2″ Thangles and will make up a bunch of them and see what happens. I can save these units for another project.

I think what’s bugging me about this project is the idea of using a length of yardage as a panel. I may just cut it up and do something else with it.

Here’s a link to Judy L’s blog and everyone else’s walls.


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#pioneerwoman #pumpkinsmoothie

I found this recipe through a Pinterest pin and had to make it.

We always follow new recipes to the tee around here. We’re too insecure to customize a recipe until we know what it’s supposed to taste like. And after that, we’re too ignorant to know what changes to make, should the recipe not live up to our expectations. We just never make it again. LOL

Since I couldn’t see how to add any comments to the recipe’s page, I’ll post them here. If you’re a pumpkin lover, I hope you’ll try this recipe, it was really good.

Our observations:

We don’t have one of those fancy blenders like Ree has. We have a standard Hamilton Beach, wedding-gift type and this recipe  nearly overpowered it.

We couldn’t find a 15oz can of pumpkin pie filling and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that size around here. So we bought the larger can and have enough for leftovers. Anyway, we froze the puree in two of those 8oz Ziploc disposable containers, anything larger than that wouldn’t have fit into the blender bowl. We also didn’t find any larger containers of vanilla yogurt, so we bought two 6oz Yoplait containers and used all of it.

I would start by cutting the recipe in half. It’s just too much for two people. The recipe says it serves 8, but doesn’t specify what the serving size is. She used stemless wine glasses, we used 16oz beverage glasses filled full and we still had at least 16oz or more left over. Use 1.5 cups milk, 1 cup of the frozen puree and 1 of the Yoplait yogurts. One problem we had was that the frozen puree wanted to “float” in the milk mixture. The liquid was all the way up to just under the lid and I was afraid of a huge blender blowout, but John took out the plastic thingy in the lid and used a wooden spoon handle to poke the puree down into the blades. It took some doing, but it finally all blended up.

John said next time he’ll try freezing the puree in an ice cube tray, but I don’t know that they would sink down to the blades any better than how we did it this time. We’ll experiment and get back to you on that. Better yet, you try it and get back to me hehehe. He’ll also put the yogurt and puree in first, blend it up some and then add the milk. That should solve the floating problem.

This was really wonderful. It’s not a pumpkin shake like they have at Sonic (and when will Sonic start selling them again?) and these ingredients are not Weight Watcher friendly, but I was afraid to try skim milk (refer to paragraph 2 above). If you read the comments on Ree’s blog, you’ll see that a lot of people are more daring than we are and one person even added Kahlua to hers. I love Kahlua, but I’m not sure I could pair it with pumpkin.


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After an absence of a week or two, the design wall is showing some progress. Yes, I’m making pinwheels, and seeing them next to the “panel” I’m thinking they are way too big. The scale is off. 6″ pinwheels seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe I should take them apart and just use 3″ HSTs. I’m not sold on the idea of this yardage being used as a panel, but maybe I can jazz it up some. I think I need to scan the fabric and put something together in Electric Quilt 7.

Here’s the link to Judy L’s blog and everyone who got their link posted on time.

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