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turnstile block (EQ7)

I had seen a quilt with this block in a magazine and decided I would like it in a baby quilt. I looked for it in the EQ7 block libraries and also in BlockBase, but didn’t find it because I was searching on “pinwheel.” I had to ask around and someone else found it in BlockBase as “turnstile” although the pinwheels turned the other direction. By then I had already drafted it myself, which is the better way to go, because we all need practice with Electric Quilt, don’t we?

I made a 9″ test block, for an adult-size quilt and it came out very nice. I’m always hesitant to work with triangles but this was a breeze:


Although it doesn’t look like it, it is square.

But for a baby/kids quilt, 9″ blocks are too big, because there are not enough of them to make for a good looking layout. So I tried 6″:

Test Turnstile block #2-Edit

What a disaster! When I squared it up to 6.5″, I lost my seam allowances on 2 sides and one side is not a full 1/4″.

So I tried it again:

Test Turnstile block #4-Edit

Much better!

But I also wanted to try paper-piecing:

Test Turnstile block #1-Edit

Holy cow, this is what happens when you don’t print a mirror image of the block. And to think I got the whole thing put together before I figured that out.

So I did that and tried again:

Test Turnstile block #4-Edit

It came out very lovely in the end, but not without some drama. I found that in one of the quadrants I’d switched the positions of the light and printed fabrics and had to take it apart and fix it.

This is why I don’t design many quilts on my own. Too much stress! LOL



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