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Great visit with old/new friends

We had such an enjoyable visit this weekend with an old friend from California and her family, whom I had not met. They are taking an awesome vacation and swung down to Richmond after spending several days in Washington DC. They have been blessed by the weather gods, I can tell you. The first time we visited DC in the summer after moving here, it was like 100 degrees with almost as much humidity. It was miserable to say the least. But we haven’t had typical August weather this year, cool and rainy. However, this weekend was just gorgeous.


As you can see by this picture, they are a great family. The boys had a lot of fun playing with Joey and he’s really going to miss them!

We had a late lunch at Michie Tavern and took the Monticello tour on Saturday. It is so beautiful up on that hill. If you ever have a chance to go, don’t miss it.


I should call the next photo “Cliche” but I couldn’t help taking the opportunity:


That is the back of the building, by the way.

This is an insect that we see very infrequently at home and we don’t know what it is. My friend Susan calls it a humming bumble (she’s got a great way with words) because it acts like a humming bird, but is not a bird. We saw one flitting around and I tried several times to get a picture of it. My apologies if you can’t see it very well.


Our guests spent yesterday at Colonial Williamsburg, ending their day with the Ghost Tour. Today they are continuing on to Gettysburg and eventually back home where the boys will start school next week.

So I felt like I had a mini-vacation this weekend. Sweet!

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The super-secret quilt was finished and delivered yesterday. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. My friend Margaret quilted it for me.  I’m grateful she was able to do it quickly.

Now on my design wall is a bunch of test diamonds for the next charity quilt. I used EQ7 to do the layout (just diamonds and setting triangles with sashing) and bought some rulers/templates with the hope that they’ll make the cutting process easier. What I did this morning was easy enough, but I won’t know until I add some sashing if the units will play nicely with each other. After I confirm that everything will fit together correctly, then I’ll cut more for the “real thing.” I’ll just kit them up at that point and take them to the next Stitchers meeting and do the sewing there.

So that leaves me with the next personal project. What will it be? I was gifted years ago with a fat quarter bundle of indigos that I’ve always loved but never had a pattern in mind for. Since they were all blue, I’ve added some beige/tan FQs and some maroon ones for a more well-rounded color palette. I have found a pattern I like, so I think I’ll work on that next. I don’t have a purpose for it, but I don’t think that’s a requirement, now is it?

That’s all for me, head on over to Judy L.’s page and see what everyone else is working on.


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The super-secret project is at the longarmer’s. The binding has been prepared and just waiting for the next step.

I have a new Stitchers project in my head (and in my Electric Quilt). It will be scrappy 60-degree diamonds with sashing.

EQ7 doesn’t have tools to deal with diamonds and triangles that require geometry to figure out. In my case, I found a layout in the library that looked like the diamonds should be 60 degrees, but you have to stand on your head to find out what the default angle is. Here’s how you do it: color a plain block in the layout and select it with the select tool (the black arrow at the top of the vertical toolbar). Then go to Print>Rotary Cutting>Preview>Zoom in>click and drag over cutting diagram  to see what the angle is. In the case of the 8″ x 14″ Variable Point the default is 59 degrees (close). The 7″ x 10″ Variable Point is 70 degrees. I didn’t want a block as big as 8×14, so my problem was trying to figure out a good size and keep it at 60 degrees. I want to be able to use either a ruler with a 60 degree mark or a specialty ruler in the construction, rather than templates.

So, at Stitchers yesterday, we talked about how to accomplish this but none of us could remember our high-school geometry. I asked about it later on the Info-EQ list and got a very detailed method which requires the Pythagorean Theorem. I think there should be a website that you can use to calculate this kind of stuff. It would be even better if it were built into EQ. After all the trial and error, I settled on a 6″ x 10-5/16″ diamond.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on over here, head on over to Judy L’s site to see what everyone else is working on.


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The super-secret project has sashing strips (a few rows still need to be sewn together) and next comes the two borders.

I thought I’d have it done by now, but I didn’t get any sewing accomplished this weekend.

That’s what’s on my wall, here’s what’s going on with everyone else at Judy L’s blog.


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I finally finished the latest Strippie quilt for the Stitchers group. My progress on it was interrupted by the dress and hat I made for Anya, plus I missed a Stitchers session or two.


I backed this one with solid blue fleece and had more problems with it than I had with the Minkee I used on the other ones. I think if I use fleece again, I will just bind it.

On my design wall is my next super-secret project:


This pattern is the cover quilt on the May/June 2013 issue of Quilty Magazine. I’m using the same fabric line, Moda’s Comma, which is really cute with punctuation marks: commas, periods, asterisks (or as the lady in the quilt shop called them, “jacks”). I’m making some modifications however. The original design has huge 10″ wide white borders, white backing and white binding. That’s just way too much white to be practical. Maybe if it was going to hang on a wall, but I hope this one will be used. The design utilizes a jelly roll, which I’ve never worked with before. What a time saver! But I couldn’t find the border, binding, and backing yardage locally, so I ordered them from Fat Quarter Shop. I hope to finish this within the next week or so.

That’s all for me, go to Judy L’s page and see what everyone else is up to.


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