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Don't Try This at Home

I found this idea on Pinterest and it looked super easy and good enough to test on Thanksgiving morning to see if it should become our new Christmas morning tradition, the old one being eating Cinnabon cinnamon rolls (the ones from the Cinnabon store, not the ones pictured here). Not that there was anything wrong with the old tradition, but change is good, right?’

I will not do this again! Why? The waffles were almost like shoe leather. The lady who dreamed this up said to cook them about 2.5-3 minutes, and since she didn’t divulge which canned cinnamon rolls she used, I figured since mine were “Grand” which usually means bigger than the average roll, I chose 3 minutes, which just coincided with the timer on my waffle maker.

And the biggest reason why I won’t do this again is the “damage” it inflicted on my waffle maker. It took me an hour, I’m sure, to scrub it clean even though I sprayed it liberally with non-stick cooking spray. The cinnamon mixture stuck to the non-stick surface like quick-dry cement. I had to soak each square in hot water and scrub all those bumpy things. I should have used a clean toothbrush for this but all I had handy was a toothpick. Somebody needs to invent a truly effective tool to clean these machines. And if they have, I obviously don’t know about it, so somebody please fill me in.

So, it’s Black Friday. Are you out shopping already?

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