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Objects in Mirrow

Why do typos jump off the page and screen for me? Why do I delight in identifying them? I don’t know, maybe there’s a 12-step program.

This time, we were at the movies where a local ridesharing company currently has a commercial running. We’ve been to the movies more often than normal lately due in large part to the fact that there are a lot of good movies out now (Argo, Skyfall, Lincoln). So I’ve seen this commercial several times. I caught this typo right away but the scene goes by quickly and I wasn’t sure I actually saw it. The next weekend I saw it again, now it was confirmed. Last night we went to see Lincoln and I had my camera at the ready:

Seriously? I work for an ad agency and we have PROOFREADERS. I don’t know who produced this spot but really, this shouldn’t have gotten through.

Lincoln was really good, by the way. We were able to spot some recognizable locations (the state capitol) and others that we should have recognized (Monument Avenue covered in mulch) but those scenes could have been anywhere.


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I think he went missing during his flash forward.

Seriously Channel 12, you’re killing me.


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Directions FAIL

This is what it’s supposed to say:

1/2 mile south OF CHIPPENHAM at Turner Road

(I looked it up on the map just to be sure)

Imaginary scenario:

The Guy at the Gold Exchange calls up his brother-in-law in some faraway place who fancies himself the master of all things digital and asks him for help making his commercial. Sure, says the brother-in-law. What do you want it to say? The Guy tells him and the brother-in-law writes it all down. The Guy sends the brother-in-law low resolution photos and he makes the commercial in Windows Movie Maker and sends it to HGTV. Keep in mind that the brother-in-law has never been here and he made the commercial just like he heard it over the phone with a bad connection. Because the brother-in-law is so good at what he does, The Guy doesn’t question that his brother-in-law didn’t ask him to proofread it first.

And for those of you who don’t live in Richmond, yes, it’s Hull Street Road. It’s common around here for streets to be named like this.


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What in the heck is “Lard?” This time I’m picking on channel 8. Oh Richmond, your local news channels are so lacking.


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There’s all kinds of things I could be doing and seeing as how it’s snowed steadily ALL DAY LONG and it’s now 4:45, I figure we won’t be going to church tomorrow so whatever I didn’t do today I can do tomorrow (after I help shovel the driveway, of course).

I have fabric to cut up for a batik swap I’m in over on about.com. I have fabric for two gift projects to wash, dry, iron. I have a book I can start. I’ve been waiting for the snow to stop so that I can take the camera out. I’ve been taking pictures through the windows, but that is limiting.

So in the meantime, I thought I would post pictures of one of my favorite pasttimes: documenting typos on Channel 12 news.

For crying out loud Channel 12, why are you hiring people who can’t spell/type┬áto do your on-screen titles? And why isn’t there someone else on your payroll who can do the QC on them before they go live?


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