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I am a lifetime member but seem to have fallen off the wagon this past year. The last time I weighed in and didn’t have to pay was August 2007, just before my daughter’s wedding. I put on 5 pounds during the week that followed and was never able to get rid of it. You’re saying, “how hard is it to take off 5 pounds?” Hard, apparently. I don’t understand it either, but I know that mine and John’s workouts at the Y became less and less frequent and I finally cancelled our family membership because we weren’t using it. I put on another 5 pounds this summer when Sue and Ken and Brian were here. So now I have to lose 10 pounds. 10 pounds is one pants size for me and I’m really struggling to fit into the ones I’ve got. I tried on some new ones the other day and I refuse to go up a size because then I’ll lose ALL motivation.  I wish I could blame this on some medical condition or hormone imbalance rather than a character flaw, lack of willpower, etc. But I’m quite healthy, thank you very much. I’m sure the word “laziness” is the one to use here because I’m not writing things down in my weekly diaries (John wants to know why I keep bringing new ones home from my weigh-ins). I just need some encouragement. I really looked good at the wedding LOL.

I’m going to re-join the Y when our next health fair comes up at work (they underwrite a small portion of the monthly fee) and force myself to go. I actually did enjoy it when we hit it 3x a week. American Family is closer to home and has an awesome array of equipment but quite a bit more expensive. They have only 1- and 3-year contracts. They do offer month-to-month but holy cow, the cost. Even with the longer contract, the amount we’d spend over the life of it would buy us a machine of our own.

I weighed in yesterday and was exactly the same as the month before. So at least it wasn’t a gain.


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