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A WordPress tip

If you have a WordPress blog like this one, you may have noticed that some of your pictures, which look fine in the Dashboard, look washed-out in your final post. I have talked about this before and I thought I had the solution: don’t let WordPress resize your photos, upload them in the exact size you intend to use. Most of the images I post here are 500 pixels on the long side which is the largest size my theme offers.

When I was working on this week’s Wordless Wednesday, the picture displayed in the Dashboard with the correct vibrant colors. When I previewed it, it was horribly washed out. I didn’t get it, I thought I had this figured out already. Fortunately, this question had already been asked over on the WordPress.com forums with a solution. I tried it, and it worked.

I don’t know about you, but I do most of my work on the “HTML” tab rather than the “Visual” tab. When I insert a picture, part of the code looks like this:

<img title=”IMG_1011-500-75 src=” src=” mce_src=” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”377″ />

The resulting image looks like this:

Even though the width is showing the 500 pixels as I uploaded it, WordPress must still be doing something to it, because when you remove the size code like this:

<img title=”IMG_1011-500-75 src=” src=” mce_src=” alt=””>

This is the resulting image:

Since both images look exactly the same in the Dashboard, you have to preview it to see it.

This may also be a browser thing. I tested it in Safari and Firefox with the same result. If you use another browser and can’t see a difference between the two pictures, please post a comment and let me know which browser and its version you’re using.

If you write a blog but use Blogger, Typepad or one of the other ones and you’re having the same problem, see if this solution might work for you. I have seen an awful lot of washed-out photos in the almost-200 blogs I follow, so I know I’m not alone.


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