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My sister is a new switcher from PC to Mac and she’s trying to figure things out. We had a 2-hour FaceTime chat this morning and I got a virtual tour of her new apartment and her girlfriend got a tour of our house.

Dana mentioned that she wanted to make shortcuts on her desktop to various websites like she’s always been able to do in Windows and I realized that I’ve been a Mac user for 5 years and I don’t know how to do this myself. I can make bookmarks in Safari, but heck, who can’t do that?

So I told Dana I’d figure it out and let her know. I found a YouTube video that shows how to do it, but it chokes up after 10 seconds, so my husband figured it out and I thought I’d post the tutorial here. Please note that I’m using OS X Lion, but I can’t imagine that this process is any different for other versions. Please leave a comment if your experience is different.

1.  Open Safari (or any browser I suppose) and type in the URL of the website you want to make a shortcut for. I’ll use Facebook. Start Facebook. Click on the little Facebook icon to the left of the URL and drag the URL to your desktop.

2.  Open Google Images and search for a Facebook logo. Find one that you like and double-click on the image. Click “Full-Size Image” in the pane on the right.

The image will open up in a new window. From Safari’s drop-down menu, choose Edit>Select All and then choose Edit>Copy. Close that window.

3.  Go to the desktop and find the URL you dragged to it. Right click on it and choose “Get Info.” At the very top of the info pane is the name of the shortcut and there’s a little Safari icon to the left of it. Click on that icon (you’ll see a faint blue outline) and go to Finder’s Edit menu and choose Paste. This is what mine looks like after the icon is pasted into it. (The reason mine says Facebook.webloc is that I have mine set to show file extensions.)

4. Now you have a shortcut icon on your desktop that will take you right to Facebook with a double click.

5. Want the icon in your dock? Click and drag the icon to the dock just to the left of the trash can. Do not put it in the trash LOL.

And that’s it!


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