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I can finally show you that “What Was I Thinking?” is done, labeled, ready to hang. Remember my dilemma with the top being out of square? I added a very wide binding which, in person, I swear, makes it look square around the outside edges. This photo, however, does not do it justice. We even used a picture hanging level to make sure the top edge was level. I’m going to have to work out a better way of hanging quilts for photos. At least it’s done.

Speaking of hanging, I ran across the neatest thing at Quilting Adventures called Hang It Dang It. It’s a new, improved hanging rod and they say anyone can hang a quilt of any size by themselves. Watch the video on their website. I believe  I could do it. Wish I’d known about them before we hung “Fractured Crystals” on a regular curtain rod in the dining room:

They’re pricey but I want one (or more). Check them out.


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