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What do I do now?


I’m having a real hard time visualizing how the setting triangle at the top should be sewn to its neighboring diamond. Should I sew the other sashing strips to the diamonds first? But no, the setting triangle needs sashing strips, too. And I’m planning on cutting one long strip for each side of the diamonds. Should I just match the center of the triangle to the center of the diamond? Maybe I didn’t cut the angles right on the triangle’s sashing strip. I sent a picture to the pattern designer and she said I did it right. But in order to get that angle, I had to space the triangles 2″ apart on the sashing strip (I chain-pieced them). In her example, the triangles are much closer together. I’m still confused about that. She didn’t show any clear pictures of the setting triangles, she mostly focused on the diamonds.

And how does the other setting triangle get matched to its neighboring diamond? I *think* it should work the same way the diamonds went together: center them together, leaving a 1/4″ bunny ear on each side of the seam.



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