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Have you heard of Chihuly? Unusual name, what is it?

Dale Chihuly is a blown-glass artist. You may have seen some of his brightly colored work here and there on the internet and not realized what it was.

This month, an exhibit of, I’d say, thousands (tens of thousands?) of pieces of his work are on display at Richmond’s Virginia Museum of Fine Art (VMFA). My agency did the advertising for the exhibit and I worked on the account, too. We went with friends on Black Friday to see it for ourselves.

Can I just say, WOW!

Mr. Chihuly allows non-flash photography, which is very generous. Pictures just don’t do it justice, if you have the chance to see it in person, GO! The Richmond exhibit lasts until February 10th. The Dallas Arboretum is running an outdoor exhibit through 12/31. It looks pretty awesome, too.

These pieces reminded me of undersea creatures:

This “tree” stands almost floor to ceiling:

He dabbled in neon:

He also has an interest in blankets like this, there were probably a hundred of them mounted on a wall:

As I walked around, I couldn’t help wondering how in the world they packed and transported it all, did any of it break, how much does he pay in insurance premiums? He must have a huge warehouse to store it all.

What are you waiting for? If you’re in Richmond, make your reservations now. If you’re in Dallas, go to that one. If an exhibit pops up near you, don’t miss it.


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