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So I thought I’d do a post to test a new Lightroom plug-in to get pictures from Lightroom to the blog easier and also to see if the automatic-blog-to-Facebook thing works yet.

This is what Joey looks like when he misses his beauty shop appointment due to vacation. They’ll probably charge me double next week to get him back to normal.


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On Saturday, I attended an event with the Richmond Photography Meetup group, Henricus Publick Days at Henricus Historical Park in Chester, Virginia. The park is celebrating its 400th anniversary. Or maybe rather the fact that the Citie of Henricus was founded 400 years ago on that site.

From the website:

In September 1611, the Citie of Henricus was established as the second successful English settlement in North America under the leadership of Sir Thomas Dale. Within months of his arrival, he instituted martial law and initiated an ambitious expansion of the settlement.

Today, 400 years later, Henricus Historical Park re-creates Dale’s successful settlement. The opportunity for property ownership by the common man was a unique concept in the “New World.” This innovative idea combined with the development of the first English hospital, the chartering of the first college in North America, the first English home of Pocahontas, and the establishment of tobacco as the first cash crop in Virginia contributed to the successful permanent colonization of North America and the eventual establishment of the United States of America.

The morning started off in the Indian Village with a Ceremony of Remembrance, Reconciliation and Recognition by members of two local tribes, the Chickahominy and Mattaponi (Matta-poe-NYE or Matta-POE-nye). Sorry for the poor sound quality.

Scenes from the Indian Village:

This is an Indian residence, I believe. I wish I’d asked someone what it was called:

This man is demonstrating how logs were hollowed out for canoes by burning kindling on the the log, keeping it lit and hot and scraping out the ashes:

Scenes from inside the fort:

The sentry at the gate:

The lace maker in the tavern:

These ladies were making lamb stew over an open fire. There were several campfires burning around the fort and I’m surprised I didn’t smell like one myself.

Guard with weapon called an English Bill. He demonstrated for me how it was used (I didn’t realize he didn’t have it turned at a good viewing angle so here’s a picture of one: http://www.armor.com/pole030.html) and no, he didn’t use it on me in his demonstration 🙂

Head of the musketeers:

Sir Thomas Dale:

Making nails:


A woman was making an apple pie by candlelight in this building:

Bread oven with said pie waiting for the fire to be ready:


Drying tobacco:

I think this man told me he was a photographer, but I never found where he was set up.

Sail maker:

The Godspeed was sailed down the James River from Jamestown for the festivities.

Court de Guard:

The watchtower:

I couldn’t stay all day and after seeing other images from Meetup members, I wished I had. I might have found that photographer.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly, glad I went.


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Welcome Fall

Our high temperature today is expected to be some 20 degrees cooler than the last day or so. I expect this to be the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn.

It was mentioned in my last Weight Watchers meeting that in our culture, September is more the start of a new year than January 1st. And when you stop and think about it, in many parts of our country Labor Day signals the end of summer vacation and the week following begins the new school year. I think she’s right, I never had to buy a new wardrobe or school supplies in anticipation of January 1st. 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings in your life!


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This stopped me dead in my tracks. We do have historic Hollywood Cemetery here in Richmond, but what does apparel have to do with it? I didn’t cross the street to look in the window, afraid of what I might see…


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Morning Walk

Had the dog along with me which is always a challenge because he’s so excited to be walking with me that he constantly tugs on the leash.I didn’t have an unlimited amount of time for the walk, so I took a route that is about 3 miles round trip. It’s not very a very exciting route, but I found a few things to shoot.


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