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At our church’s Women’s Retreat a few weeks ago, we did an exercise, for lack of a better word, that produced hysterical results.

We sat at round tables, about 8 per table (think wedding reception tables). We each had a blank sheet of paper and a generous supply of colored markers on the table.

We were instructed to look at the woman to our left and draw her nose. Then we passed the paper to the woman on our right. We were then instructed to look at the woman whose nose was on the paper just passed to us and draw her eyes. Pass to the right. Then look at that woman and draw her mouth. Pass, etc. When the papers had gone all around the table, each picture had all our facial features.

What a hoot! There was more to it, I think it was an esteem-builder or something like that. But I kept my portrait as I think it rather resembles me.

robin caricature



retreat siggy


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Superhero Fail


Gotta love local TV news.



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What the ???

I got this email yesterday. How in the heck did I get on this mailing list?

If you know of anyone who might actually have an interest in buying/selling a hearse or related vehicles, I can forward this to them.


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Words with Friends

I’ve been playing a Scrabble-like game of “Words with Friends” with Crystal, my son’s girlfriend. I love the technology that allows us, living on opposite coasts, to play a game together.

Now, I’m pretty good at word games but Crystal is a lot better. Either that, or she’s really lucky. Or maybe she’s a strategist and lucky. I’m not big on the strategy, I just want to get my words on the board, if I can even make a play. She’s beating the pants off me right now.

But I wanted to show the letters I had in my tray at one point. Do you see them? Q-U-I-L-T-E. There was no R on the board that I could use. I couldn’t even play Q-U-I-L-T.

(Sorry it’s blurry, but my camera apparently couldn’t focus on the iPhone screen very well.)

How often do you get dealt a Q and a U in the same hand? It’s a crime that I was robbed of this opportunity.

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We’ve spent a lot of time in front of the television this week. More than we normally do. We discovered that the Travel Channel has some good shows (Man v. Food, Bert the Conqueror). We’ve pretty much had a Food Network day, HGTV day, and a couple of Travel Channel days. Yesterday we watched Twilight and maybe today we’ll watch New Moon. I’ve been trying to read the book I brought to break up some of the couch potato sessions.

Alamogordo gets the network broadcasts from Albuquerque. The local news seems even more boring than Richmond’s. Growing up in Los Angeles, we always had the “big city” broadcasts, and I suppose I have a prejudice that way. Small town newscasts crack me up. You’ve seen on this blog typos that our local NBC affiliate makes constantly and I just don’t understand why SOMEBODY can’t proofread their titles before they put them up. Or HIRE people who can spell and type correctly (as I get older, I’ve come to understand that spelling and typing accuracy are two different things. I am constantly mis-typing words that I can easily spell. So I have to watch myself carefully when sending emails, posting to online message boards, etc.)

On Fridays, the KOB-TV weatherman brings his dogs to work. Cracks me up.

Albuquerque weatherman brings his dogs to work


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Yappy dog

I was testing out an old scanner and this was still on the glass from the last time I tested it. This time it was a success!

I love my yappy dog (but I’m not too crazy about the yappy part).


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Ad Age

I read the “trades” every weekday morning and this is what I got today. I thought it was pretty darn funny:

ad age error

Click on it to read it.


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